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LLC Katod - Leading IIT OEM Corporate Profile

by Administrator | February 24, 2014


The Night Vision research & manufacturing facility of LLC Katod’s is located in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, some 3000 kilometers from Moscow.

The higest priority of LLC Katod Night Vision manufacturing processes is to insure quality in everything they do. Katod believe that ongoing development of the company and it's further amalgamation into the World Economy is reliant upon the competitiveness and quality of their Night Vision products.

The intricate approaches to quality improvement LLC Katod constantly result in increasing the technical parameters of the Night Vision kit manufactured, by utilising modern quality management methods & sourcing procedures to optimise the manufacturing of Night Vision Devices & Image Intensifier Tubes.

The ‘Quality Management System’ of LLC Katod is an important focus of the company Management System, aimed at goals achievement in the sphere of quality and striving for ongoing maximum Customer satisfaction of the Customer demands and expectations.

LLC Katod’s Quality Management System was certified February 2005 in a voluntary Russian certification system within the ‘Military Register’.

Since 2005, LLC Katod has twice confirmed its compliance within the requirements of the Russian and international standards: GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and GOST RV 15.002-2003.

For the purpose of the best conformity to the international requirements, NATO standard AQAP-2110 was implemented.

Presently, Quality Management System of LLC Katod conforms to GOST RV 15.002-2003, ISO 9001-2008 & AQAP 2110 requirements.

LLC Katod’s Image Intensifier Tubes are utilised extensively throughout Eastern Europe & Asia.

LLC Katod is an independent manufacturing company with vast export experience & expertise -
• 50 years of experience in electronic systems manufacturing;
• All innovations are protected by 79 certificates of authorship and 8 patents;
• The only Russian company to have the technology to mass produce Gen 3 Image intensifier Tubes.
• The company specialises in the following fields:
o Production of high-quality photocathodes
o Development of new electro-optical technologies and photocathode types
o Development of new IIT modifications.
o Design and production of modern technology and equipment for IIT manufacturing
o Development and supply of night vision systems equipped with JSC Katod IIT’s

Company Structure –
LLC Katod is a Joint Stock Company (organizational and legal structure).
LLC Katod is both a brand & company name – more commonly abbreviated to Katod.
LLC Katod is a 3rd generation privately owned company, accordingly, not listed on the RTS (Russian Stock Exchange).

The Special Design Department (SDD) of the Novosibirsk factory was officially registered
19 October 1959. In December 1991, SDD was placed under Russian Soviet Federative Republic jurisdiction and renamed into State enterprise SDD "Katod".
In the result of privatization in 1994 SDD "Katod" was registered as OJSC "Katod", and reregistered as JSC "Katod" in 1999.
The main reason for SDD establishment was the necessity of development of electronic equipment plant which was founded in Siberia in 1954. The company staff comprised of the best specialists from the Ekran, Electrovacuum and Instrument-Making plants. Graduates from different Soviet universities were also recruited to build the staff.
Within the first two decades, the company conducted nearly 330 scientific, research and experimental design projects. Many scientific universities from SB RAS (Academgorodok), Moscow, Leningrad, Fryazino, Saratov, Lvov and other cities participated in these projects. Scientific projects resulted in numerous developments as follows:
• Image Intensifiers for a short time photonic emissions registration.
• Image amplifiers for fleeting process photographing.
• Progressive technology of future-oriented photomultipliers
• Scientific works at innovative technology of electron-beam tubes (EBT) manufacturing

Many of the developments were used in manufacturing processes. Thus a new generation of oscillographic CRT with high-level characteristics were widely utilised in oscillographs manufactured in Vilnius, Minsk and Bryansk.
Till the beginning of the 1980’s, SDD wasn’t narrowly specialized, Image Intensifier Tubes development was just one of the numerous research directions. The results of SDD works were in great demand in different scientific and industrial sectors: nuclear physics and optics, space research and satellite systems, medicine and radiotechnics.
The 1990’s became the dynamic stage of the enterprise development. SDD specialists took part in a scientific experiment of neutrino registration. Image amplifier samples with a large spherical photocathode "Kvazar", designed and made by Katod, allowed to create a high sensitive interconnected photon detector with a large spherical resolution. That equipment was employed in the deep-water neutrino telescope at the bottom of Lake Baikal.
At that time compact spondyle constructed photomultipliers were created to equip "Soyuz" spacecraft. There was developed an integrated "Klin" device, then served for scientific experiment of interplanetary flight with three star operation.
In 1996 Katod started Generation 2+ manufacturing and in 1999 — Generation 3. Additionally in 1996, Katod designed and manufactured the first series of Night Vision Goggles. Sometime later, a binocular and monocular series was created and commenced production of the Night Vision Goggles.
Today, Katod is a leading Russian manufacturer of Image Intensifier Tubes and Night Vision Devices.
Since its foundation, the company has grown from a small Development Department into a large manufacturing company with its own scientific resources.
At present, Katod is the only Russian company to have a unique technology to manufacture Gen 3 Gallium Arsenide Image Intensifier Tubes mass production.
Attributable to accumulated scientific and production experience, the company is able to raise the level of technical parameters and promptly respond to the market conditions. This business approach enables the company to produce the goods being in high demand not only in Russia but also abroad.
Corporate timeline of achievements
At present, Katod produces in excess of 280 IIT configurations.
2001 Gen.2+ tube, 25 mm was designed and subsequently commenced serial production. The tube was scheduled for a unique Night Vision goggles with angular field of view 60 degree manufactured by Katod.
2001, our specialists Vladimir I. Loktionov, Josef I. Goldberg, Roman I. Bagduev were awarded with Russian government premium in the domain of science and technology for scientific researches and developments for National Defense.
2003 saw an increase in output capacity. Ready-made products’ turnout grew up to 40%.
Following the results of 2005, Katod became a top 100 hundred 'best exporter' in the region and a 'top twenty' of 'fast developing' companies.
2003, Vladimir I. Loktionov and Josef I. Goldberg were awarded with state prize in the domain of science and technology.
2007, Vladimir I. Loktionov was awarded with a medal of Order of Merit for the Motherland, II degree.
2009, Vladimir I. Loktionov, Josef I Goldberg and Alexey P. Vysotsky were awarded with State prize of the Novosibirsk region.

Vladimir I. Loktionov Katod General manager
Josef I. Goldberg Katod Chief Design Engineer
Roman I. Bagduev One of the pioneers of 2+ gen II tubes development

We are both pleased & excited to announce the addition to our demo kit fleet, the LLC Katod MNV-K Night Vision goggles fitted with FOM2000 Image Intensifier Tube.

The MNV-K goggles are -

  • Lightweight (595gram)
  • Manual gain option
  • Sensitive under all lighting conditions
  • High Resolution
  • Operate either on AA or CR123 batteries

The MNV-K Night Vision goggles are supplied with a head mount complete with auto off / auto on flip up capability and is easy to operate.

Low battery indicator & IR-'on' indicator in viewfinder field-of-view.

Tube MTBF - 10,000hrs

Operating mode switch and battery compartment cover are easy to use even when operating in gloves.

Corrosion-proof and water-proof construction ensuring long service-fife in the field. 

Can be broken-down as to individual Night Vision Devices.

More information on the MNV-K Night Vision goggles, click HERE.