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Product release announcement - PNP-MUNS Universal Night Sight

by Administrator | February 2, 2014
Product release announcement - PNP-MUNS Universal Night Sight

Pyser-SGI UK announce the release of the PNP-MUNS Universal Night Sight.

The PNP-MUNS Universal Night Sights are leading edge image intensified, lightweight, rugged and compact weapon sights designed specifically for use in front of dayscopes from 1x to 16x magnification & higher with front lenses with up to 60mm diameter.

The advanced in-line optical design, WITHOUT prisms, doesn't affect the zero of the weapon, nor the user’s normal firing position & doesn't create parallax errors.

PNP-MUNS is easily attached & released instantly from the weapon’s Picatinny rail by means of its over-centre throw lever & no tools are required to attach, release or operate it. PNP-MUNS can also be utilised as a stand-alone hand held night vision surveillance device.

The PNP-MUNS is available with a large choice of image intensifier tubes up to and including FOM 2016, also available with Autogated IIT's, for the most demanding missions & it only requires a single  COTS 'AA' battery to operate from 40 to 100 hours depending on battery type and version of intensifier tube.

The PNP-MUNS is available in 2 versions: PNP-MUNS 600, which weighs 667g and PNP-MUNS 900, weighing only 937g & offers extra focal length for enhanced surveillance capability. Each version is waterproof to 20 metres for 1 hour; each is supplied with a rugged Butler Creek flip-up lens cap on the rear end for protection against dust, dirt and water

Both PNP-MUNS have a fine distance focus adjustment for optimum performance.

The PNP-MUNS 600 is recommended for distances up to 600m.

The PNP-MUNS 900 is recommended for distances up to 900m.

The kit also has a clip-on/clip-off fold-back moulded rubber rear hood to prevent green reflected glow on the front lens of dayscopes up to 60mm diameter.