Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists - supplying night vision, thermal imaging & specialised low light imaging kit to the Australian Government & Defence since 1990
Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

Pyser-SGI - Leading Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Manufacturer Corporate Profile

by Rob MICHAEL | April 7, 2014

Pyser-SGI is a privately owned UK Company, whose beginings go as far back as 1848.

Pyser-SGI comprises of 3 Divisions, manufacturing of leading edge Electro-Optical Night Vision & Thermal Imaging kit for security, law enforcement & defence, research, education and broadcast fields.

The corporate headquarters are located in the South East of England, encomapesing 3 world class divisions. Each operates as an autonomous unit, supported by the financial resources of the group. Their two English manufacturing sites together with the sales subsidiary company located in Singapore.

Accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standards are the hallmarks that Pyser-SGI operate to.

The Defence & Security division manufacture & supply Night Vision& Thermal Imagingkit to Law Enforcement agencies, NATO & non NATO Armed Forces and Special Forces worldwide.

Manufactured items include but aren't limited to:

PNP-MTHD thermal imaging monoculars, gyro-stabilised day/night vision binoculars, conventional military binoculars, MUNSTI & TISI thermal imaging weapon sights, VISI hand held thermal imaging long range low-light surveillance kit,  PNP-Mhand held-held/helmet/head mounted imnight vision devices,  PNG-Mnight vision goggles; PNP-MCnight vision scopes for still-imaging/video evidence gathering,  PNP-MSnight vision red dot weapon sights & clip-on in-line and  PNP-MUNSuniversal night vision long-range weapon sights.

Small arms collimators (SACs), NATO survival and prismatic compasses, PROMS 2 Portable Rapid-deployment Observation & Monitoring Systems for extended distance day & night surveillance; DANOS 2 day & night observation systems; Tricam and Bicam night vision & day surveillance camera systems and Mini TIU3 thermal imaging cameras.

Technical Support & After Sales:

Their service & technical departments offer first class customer support who may need information or require kit serviced or repaired.