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Readily available – Night Vision Devices - no ‘export of origin’ ‘Figure of Merit’ Tube restrictions

by Administrator | December 2, 2013
Readily available – Night Vision Devices - no ‘export of origin’ ‘Figure of Merit’ Tube restrictions

Military & Law Enforcement Technologies have partnered with LLC Katod, an established OEM of Image Intensifier Tubes, Night Vision Devices, Night Vision Scope, Night Vision Monoculars & Night Vision Goggles.

The range of Night Vision kit is unique in Australia due to all the kit been readily available – WITHOUT ‘export of origin’ ‘Figure of Merit’ Tube restrictions.

‘Figure of Merit’ (FOM) supplies can be as much as FOM2300.

Additionally, all the Katod kit also has the following available –


Camcorder & dSLR adaptor        
3x screw-on magnification lens                      
5x screw-on magnification lens             
3x afocal snap-on magnification lens     

150mW Diode illuminator           


- Green P-43 output or B&W P-45 output
- Auto-gating upgrade
- Light sensor to prevent damage from bright light flashes (not required in conjunction with auto-gating)
- 75mW IR illuminator - 4x more powerful than other NVD’s map reading illuminators. The additional 830nm
 illumination provides up to 20m of unseen ‘to the naked eye’ luminosity – a critical tactical advantage!
- Manual Gain control adjusts/improves image definition by increasing/decreasing the Gain  

LLC Katod have been a Night Vision OEM since 1959, manufacturing Night Vision kit worldwide for defence & law enforcement requirements.

Examples of JSC Katod Night Vision kit can be found at -
MNV-K Night Vision Device
MNV-S Night Vision Device
MNV-K Night Vision Goggles
MNV-S Night Vision Goggles
ONV-I - Night Vision Goggle