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Electrophysics Corp. has recently introduced the ALS-20 810nm, 20W Eye-Safe Laser Illuminator

by Administrator | March 8, 2005

Electrophysics Corp. of the US has announced that they have recently introduced into the market place, the ALS-20 810nm, 20W Eye-Safe Laser Illuminator.

The IP65 illuminator is capable of covertly illuminating targets up to 800m & up to 15 square acres.

Applications include but not limited to -
* large industrial & commercial infrastructure projects including power & chemical plants.
* government facilities including military bases, nuclear plants, parliament houses etc.
* public areas such as entertainment facilities, dams, reservoirs and airports to mention just a few.
* ports/waterways and petroleum/chemical plant perimeters.
* special operations - vehicle mount for enhanced NVG night driving.
* helicopter landing aid.
* covert surveillance applications.