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Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

PNP Night Vision Device
for dSLR & Still Cameras

As used by Australian and International media

The PNP Night Vision Device is able to trans­form dark, moonlit,
or starlit nights (as low as 10‑6 lux) into bright, high resolution
scenes easily re­corded by the camera.

PNP Night Vision Device mounted on dSLR

PNP & zoom lens mounted on a still's camera body


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Night Vision Operating ManualOperating manual


The PNP employs a HyperGen image intensifier tube characterised by a high resolution and a clear, bright image with minimal halloing or flaring. It is equipped with its own Infrared LED - type illuminator, which provides additional, close-range covert illumination, when ambient light is insufficient - especially inside buildings etc.

The standard camera can be quickly turned into a powerful, effective night-time device, dramatically enhancing your night-time image gathering and observation capability.

Due to the flexible design of the PNP, additional 'C' mount lenses can be added to facilitate the required zooming/magnification required for various shoot requirements.

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Also available for rental:
Night Vision for camcorders
Night Vision for ENG Broadcast cameras


* Australian & New Zealand procurements -
There are dispensations of UK Ministry of Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licencing ( and UK Ministry of Defence permissions.