Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists - supplying night vision, thermal imaging & specialised low light imaging kit to the Australian Government & Defence since 1990
Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

QUADRO - Night Vision /Thermal Imaging Fusion

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After numerous years of Research & Product Development, GSCI Canada's team of engineers have developed, created & produced an unique 'hybrid' or 'fusion' system which allows the user to fully & effectively exploit both Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Technologies SIMUTANIOUSLY in ONE 900g Goggle.

There are two technologies available for night time, low light and adverse weather conditions observation: Image Intensification and Infrared Thermal Imaging. Both have their own advantages as well as limitations. The special purpose of the patented QUADRO system is to combine both technologies. It fully and effectively exploits both technology capabilities by creating a “Hybrid” or so-called “fusion” observation system.

History behind QUADRO's development

Night Vision

Modern Night Vision Devices are Small, Light Weight, complimented with Quality Optics and come Equipped with High Performance, High Resolution Image Intensifier Tubes. Increased Photosensitivity, SNR and more recently with Autogating provide the user with the capability to operate in even lower light situations than ever before. 

Today’s Night Vision Devices provide greater detail of people and objects, even on the darkest nights. When utilised in conjunction with active Infrared Illuminators or Laser pointing/aiming devices, the operator is still able to conduct observation tasks with effective recognition and scene assessment.

HOWEVER, NOT VERY EFFECTIVE if the person or object is concealed behind thin bush, in a shadow or camouflaged. A scenario such as this highlights the vulnerability of the Image Intensification technology.

too easy for the operator to miss crucial information or OP exposure due to ‘active’ illumination.

Thermal Imaging

Today’s Thermal Imaging Devices are Small, Light Weight, Equipped with High Performance Engines (cores) and mini-displays providing high resolution, high sensitivity and range. 

Thermal Imagers provide detection of people’s & object’s heat signatures even if they hidden behind thin bush, in a shadow or camouflaged. Thermal Imagers operate during day & night and are additionally able to see through smoke or fog.

HOWEVER, NOT VERY EFFECTIVE as ONLY provides heat (infrared) 'signatures' of people or objects – provides NO TARGET DETAIL, therefore results in very poor substandard target recognition and scene assessment.

This kit utilises the following Unique Proprietary Technologies -
  Ultimate Battery Extender increases Battery Life and Stabilizes Performance also provides protection against incorrect/opposite polarity battery installation
  Light Durable Housing
  More Stable and Accurate Electronic Reticle Adjustments (optional)
  Night Vision/Thermal Imaging integration


  • Images from NV or TI channels can be used separately or fused.
  • Manual Gain Control-Adjustable brightness of Thermal Imaging Channel display.
  • Built-in powerful, focusable Laser Infrared Illuminator can be used as an aiming-target pointer for the . team sniper. When activated, a warning LED flashes in Operator’s field of view.
  • TI channel “video-out” feature can be used with optional USB adapter & software which allows the . display of thermal images on a PC or use them for further transmission.
  • QUADRO can be attached to the optional head gear/helmet mount for “hands free” operations.
  • Optional external battery pack with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and charger, good for up to . 7 hours continuous use.
  • Optional “Snap-On” magnification lenses can be used separately on either NV & TI channels.
Quadro Night Vision/Thermal Imaging Fusion Goggles
Night Vision/Thermal Imaging Fusion Goggles
QUADRO animated graphic
QUADRO results

This footage is supplied to assist you in obtaining an overview of what is achievable with the kit. It doesn't represent the kit's full capabilities.


PDF Document   QUADRO datasheet

2x COT CR123 batteries (up to 4 continuous hours)
External Li-Ion rechargeable battery (up to 7 continuous hours)
System magnification
1X, 2X [3X] digital zoom
System resolution
TIC ~ Microbolometer (uncooled)
     Format/Video Out 160 x 120/640 x 480
     Display Resolution/Type 640 x 480/color VGA
IIT ~ XD-4, XR5 (ONYX) ~ 57-73 lp/mm



* Australian & New Zealand procurements -
There are dispensations by the Export Controls Division, Export & Import Controls Bureau, International Trade Canada's export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licencing ( www.defence.gov.au/deco/) and International Trade Canada permissions.