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AstroScope 9350 Adapter Pairs for Canon EOS camera.

The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module system is the most advanced Night Vision System available today! Thanks to its modular design, the AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module converts any dSLR or 35mm Silver Halide SLR into an optimised low-light imaging system. 

Maintains & provides the following features and functions:

  • The use of the Original Host Camera’s Objective Lenses to uphold Extremely Sharp High Resolution Imaging
  • Maintains the Host Camera’s Features such as: 
    * Image Stabilisation (where available)   
    * Electronic Zooming function (where available) 
  • No Back Focus Adjustment Required
  • No Image Vignetting on most Nikon & Canon EOS platforms & No Vignetting on Canon XL platforms 
  • Utilises a Super-Fast F/1.2 Relay Optic, providing an overall 10 - 12 F-stop light gathering performance
  • Crisper, Sharper & Cleaner images without the typical 'roll-off' at the edges
  • Field expedient & easy to use whilst being ruggedised
  • Central Intensifier Unit powered directly by host camera & interchangeable between SLR and camcorder platforms
  • Seamless Electronic & Mechanical Integration with your imaging platform. The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module is easily moved from camera to camera by simply changing adapter pair components. You can order additional adapter pairs for your camera or camcorder or convert your AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module into a night vision pocket scope.

The heart of the Modular Night Vision system is the CIU (Central Intensifier Unit), an electro-optical device with communication electronics that ensures proper interface between the camera and the lens. 

A variety of Gen III and Gen II CIU's allow you to tailor a system in terms of resolution, sensitivity, spectral response, gain, output brightness and budget.

The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module is designed to offer the greatest choice of camera selections for the user. If your application calls for 35mm surveillance, you can order the adapter pairs you need. If you also require the capability to record using a video camera, just order the adapter pairs for that camcorder and switch back and forth.

The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module extends the camera’s useable light range without the drawbacks of slower shutter speeds or time integration. Dark, moonlit or starlit nights can be imaged as bright, high-resolution scenes easily recorded by the camera’s daylight sensor. As new cameras and technologies are introduced, new camera and lens adapter pairs will be developed for the AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module, ensuring that your Night Vision System will never become obsolete!

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