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AstroScope Adapter Pairs for Canon XL2 camcorder.

The AstroScope 9300XL Night Vision Module is a Night Vision System for use on the Canon XL-2 & XL-H1 Camcorder. The 9300XL Night Vision Module has been designed for dedicated use with the Canon XL2 & XL-H1. The 9300XL Night Vision Module transforms the Canon XL camcorder into a night vision camcorder.

Designed to fit between the lens and camcorder body, it permits the electronic functions of the system to communicate as though the Night Vision Module was not installed. The 9300XL Night Vision Module permits full electronic control of the XL auto-focus, lens iris and zoom functions. No batteries are required as the energy efficient AstroScope 9300 draws minimal power from the camcorder’s rechargeable battery.

Maintains & provides the following features and functions

  • The use of the Original Host Camera’s Objective Lenses to uphold Extremely Sharp High Resolution Imaging
  • Maintains the Host Camera’s Features such as:  
       * Image Stabilisation 
       * Electronic Zooming function
  • No Back Focus Adjustment Required
  • No Image Vignetting on Canon XL platform
  • Utilises a Super-Fast F/1.2 Relay Optic, providing you with an overall 10 - 12 F-stop light gathering performance
  • Crisper, Sharper & Cleaner images without the typical 'roll-off' at the edges 
  • Field expedient & easy to use whilst being ruggedised 
  • Central Intensifier Unit powered directly by your camera & interchangeable between SLR and camcorder platforms 
  • Seamless Electronic & Mechanical Integration with your imaging platform

The AstroScope 9300XL Night Vision Module transforms dark, moonlit or starlit nights into bright, high resolution scenes easily viewed via the view-finder monitor and recorded. Because of its excellent low-light performance, the compact and rugged AstroScope 9300XL Night Vision Module makes this camera ideal for use in portable, low-light video imaging applications.

Also available for the Canon XL2 camcorder is the AstroScope 9350XL adapter pairs. The 9350 Night Vision system features adapters for many cameras and camcorders. Choose the combination of adapter pairs that you need, based on the cameras that you use, then order only the adapter pairs. Switch the Central Intensifier Unit (CIU) from one adaptor pair to another. This is cost effective, if your night vision requirements call for using more than one type of camera.

  • Pocket scopes
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Government Surveillance
  • Private and Corporate Security Surveillance
  • Night-time Video Reporting and News Gathering
  • Nocturnal Wildlife Observation
  • Low-light scientific research
6.35 x 10.15cm
0.3mW ( 50mA )
System magnifications
(excl. Lens mag.) 1x
System resolution
Up to 450 TVL

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