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L3C216 24/7 Shadowed Overcast Starlight Camera | CCTV Sensors

L3Vision L3C216 24/7 Shadowed Overcast Starlight Sensor

The L3C216 operates across the light range, from bright sunlight to shadowed overcast starlight and is ideally suited to 24/7 surveillance, covert perimeter and area observation.

The L3C216 is an extremely high sensitivity, 24-hour video camera, which outperforms the competition across the range. The camera offers outstanding performance from bright sunlight to overcast starlight and below. The 2/3" format, monochrome CCD camera is flexible and easy to use, providing bright, crisp images in full daylight. It's selectable temporal and spatial filtering options combined with the integral Peltier cooled EMCCD package enables the user to attain optimal performance at the very lowest light levels.

The L3C216 adds a new level of performance in day/night vision, enhancing target recognition and identification under very low light conditions.

The L3C216 series provides all the benefits of the existing L3Vision range in a smaller package and demands less power. The 2/3” format sensor allows use with smaller optical components, further reducing system payload.

Since the sensor is back-thinned, performance is similar to that obtained with e2v L3 series existing 1” format sensors. An improved CCD manufacturing process reduces horizontal smear.

Key features of the all light level CCD camera include:

• 2/3” image format 
• Back-thinned CCD for high sensitivity 
• Enhanced blue response 
• 768 pixels/line 
• Real time digital image enhancement 
• Digital control of operating modes – Camera Link or RS232 
• Analogue and digital outputs 
• On screen display for manual control/monitoring 
• 12 V (12W max) 
• Internally cooled CCD for reduction of dark current (fan-less) 
• Analogue and digital outputs 
• Bright crisp images with full resolution 
• Enhanced digital acquisition and noise reduction for enhanced image quality at low light levels 
• Extremely low minimum usable light level (10x lower than L3C65) 
• Fully automatic operation over NINE decades of illumination. 
• High resolution, high contrast, ‘eye friendly’ image 
• Smooth day/night transition and rapid overload response  
• Undamaged by instantaneous or persistent bright lights overload.

This video footage is supplied to assist you in obtaining an overview of what is achievable with the kit. It doesn't represent the kit's full capabilities.

Australian & New Zealand procurements - 
There are dispensations of UK Ministry of Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licencing ( and UK Ministry of Defence permissions.