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Pyser-SGI/Francis Baker Compasses ~ Military

Pyser-SGI/Francis Baker range of Liquid Prismatic Compasses includes some of the finest professional compasses ever made. The Francis Barker traditional military liquid prismatic compass is currently in service with many defence forces around the world and has been for many years. Built to meet the exacting specifications demanded by military users, it is the compass that officers of the British Army have used for generations

All models are made entirely in England and provide the ideal choice for the professional or recreational user. The design itself, developed over many years, is simple and yet highly accurate in use. Shock resistant, the compasses are built to withstand the toughest conditions likely to be encountered anywhere in the world. Each compass has all the features required for taking bearings from either a map or distant objects by day or by night. The five Tritium light sources allow all the compass functions to be used as normal by night as well.

The Presentation range using the same military specification Prismatic Compasses are also available in a range of finishes and in degrees graduations. All compasses are supplied with either a leather sling case or a fabric pouch and displayed in a hand-made, satin lined presentation box complete with fully illustrated operating. 

Both Southern & Northern hemisphere versions available.

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  • The best hand-held military compass in the world
  • Degrees & mills versions
  • Solid reliable brass/aluminium and glass construction
  • Prism sighting system for highest accuracy
  • Liquid filled for rapid sighting
  • Full day/night use - 5 Tritium lights
  • Precision sapphire bearing
  • Full MILSPEC build quality
  • NSN: available upon request

Leather pouch