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Night Vision Modules

AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Modules are exclusively manufactured in New Jersey, USA by Sofradir EC (formally Electrophysics Corporation).

AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Modules are unique & stand apart in their functionality from Night Vision Devices, Scopes & Monoculars.

The heart of the AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module system is the CIU (Central Intensifier Unit), an electro-optical device with electrical communication which ensures accurate interface between camera and lens.

The AstroScope 9350’s modular design uniquely fully utilise the host cameras features such as auto-focus by integrating seamlessly into the host camera's ‘focal plane’.

Where Night Vision Devices, Scopes & Monoculars are simply attached onto the camera’s objective lens, providing a somewhat adequate image, the AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module’s design simply and transparently sits between the host camera body & it’s objective lens, providing a sharp, high definition image in very low-light.

The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module is available with a range of Image Intensifier Tubes up to FOM1600 – please see Tube Specifications.

Due to the AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module’s unique optical path positioning, the user experiences the following benefits –

  • Utilisation of the host camera’s lenses to attain exceptionally high resolution imaging
  • Maintains the Host Camera’s Features such as:
    • Image Stabilisation (where available)
    • Electronic Zooming function (where available)
  • No Back Focus Adjustment needed
  • No Vignetting on most Nikon & Canon EOS platforms
  • Utilising a Super-Fast F/1.2 Relay Optic, provides overall F10 - 12 light gathering performance
  • No 'roll-off' at the edges with Crisper, Sharper & Cleaner images
  • Central Intensifier Unit (CIU) directly powered by host camera & the CIU is interchangeable between SLR and camcorder platforms
  • Seamless Electronic & Mechanical Incorporation with your imaging device. The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module is easily moved between imaging platforms by simply changing adapter pair components.
  • The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Modules can additionally be configured as a spotting scope with the use of camera zoom lens.

The AstroScope 9350 Night Vision Module expands the host-camera’s useable light range without the drawbacks of slower shutter speeds as experienced with Night Vision Devices, Scopes or Monoculars. Starlit, dark or moonlit nights can be imaged as high-resolution, bright scenes simply recorded by the camera’s daylight sensor. As new cameras, camcorders & technologies are introduced, new optical ‘pairs’ are developed, ensuring that your Night Vision System will never become redundant!

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