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Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists


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  • Miniature High Resolution Colour CCTV Camera

    The MCC7 Miniature Colour High Resolution CCTV Camera is the smallest diameter (7-9mm)/length (20mm) CCD camera available today. The Control Box measures only 60mm x 52mm x 16mm! The MCC7 provides 480TVL resolution, resulting in truly unsurpassed image quality. With a range of 5x lenses & 5x cable (Multicore) lengths up to 15m, the MCC7 is the ideal miniature covert colour CCTV system, ideally suited to all surveillance applications & requirements. Video output is PAL composite via BNC.

    WAS  AUD9,123.00 inc GST (2.2mm F2.8 lens & power supply included)
    NOW AUD3,124.00 inc GST (2.2mm F2.8 lens & power supply included)

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  • PBS-18 XR5 Auto-gated ONYX (B&W) Night Vision Device.

    The PBS-18 tactical multi-purpose lightweight monocular has a very high resolution 72lp/mm. high sensitivity XR5  ONYX Image Intensifier Tube & incorporates a high powered 75mW (up to 3x more powerful than its competitors) invisible to the human eye medium range infrared illuminator.

    This ex-demonstration PBS-18 utilises an AutoGated high grade  XR5 ONYX Image Intensifier Tube.

    Reduced to AUD9,496.00 inc GST

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  • PNP-M - Miniature Night Vision Device

    PNP-Mi XR5 P43 (green) Autogated Miniature Night Vision Device

    The PNP-Mi range is an image intensifier mini monocular night scope incorporating the latest technologies in a compact robust moulded glass filled polymer lightweight body. PNP-Mi is a powerful, multi-purpose pocket-sized monocular night scope. The pocket scope is designed to be used either as a stand-alone night vision device or in combination with a wide variety of standard video, still-photo, CCTV equipment and spotting scopes.

    Reduced to AUD 9,861.00 inc GST

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