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PNP Night Vision Device for Camcorders

As used by Australian and International media

The PNP Night Vision Device is able to trans­form dark, moonlit, or starlit nights (as low as 10 ‑6 lux) into bright, high resolution scenes easily re­corded by the camera.

The PNP employs a high resolution/sensativity HyperGen image intensifier tube characterised by a high resolution and a clear, bright image with minimal haloing or flaring. It is equipped with its own Infrared LED - type illuminator, which provides additional, close-range covert illumination, when ambient light is insufficient - especially inside buildings etc.

The standard camcorder can be quickly turned into a powerful, effective night-time device, dramatically enhancing your night-time image gathering and observation capability.

Due to the flexible design of the PNP, additional 'C' mount CCTV lenses can be added to facilitate the required zooming/magnification required for various shoot requirements.

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This footage is supplied to assist you in obtaining an overview of what is achievable with the kit. They don't represent the kit's full capabilities.

60 Minutes Iraq TV segment

Foreign Correspondent Afghanistan TV segment

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