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Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) are typically configured as either single or double Image Intensifier Tube configurations.

There is a large array of Image Intensifier Tubes available for NVG’s, from FOM630 up to FOM2300… see Tube Specifications for more information on the range of Tubes.

Military grade Night Vision Goggles such as AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-10, AN/PVS-14, AN/PNVS-14 & AN/PVS-22 utilise two Gen III FOM1600 and above Image Intensifier Tubes.

‘FOM’ stands for 'Figure of Merit’, a measurement of the Tube’s specifications & is calculated by multiplying the lp/mm resolution by the Signal to Noise ratio.

Dependent upon the work to be carried out in low-light conditions, either configuration (single or dual Image Intensifier Tube) may be appropriate… dual Tube Night Vision Goggles are most suited, but not inclusive to instances where peripheral vision is critical, such as aviation or driving applications.

Single Tube Night Vision Goggles are typically suitable & utilised for surveillance applications including but not limited to static OP’s, vehicle, terrestrial & waterborne navigation.

Night Vision Goggles are used extensively by the Military, Law Enforcement and now more commonly in Search & Rescue type scenarios.

The term ‘Night Vision Goggles’ is abbreviated as NVG’s, however the term NVG is commonly confused with Night Vision Devices which are single Tube hand-held devices, see Night Vision

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