Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists - supplying night vision, thermal imaging & specialised low light imaging kit to the Australian Government & Defence since 1990
Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

MNV-SR Night Vision Goggle

The MNV-SR Night Vision Goggle is a lightweight (560gram) versatile set of Goggles.

Uniquely, the Goggles are available in 56 'non-controlled' Image Intensifier Tube options, ranging from none or auto-gated, manual or auto-gain, P-43 (green) or P-45 (B&W) output and numerous 'Figure of Merit' options from FOM800 - FOM2100. 

The kit incorporates a 20mW, 940nm covert IR illuminator, providing IR illumination out to 15-20 meters in ‘normal’ ambient lighting conditions.

The optional Katod Safety Photo Sensor (auto shut-off) automatically shuts-down the NVD when exposed to the excessive bright light (over 40lx) for 60 seconds or more, thus protecting the Image Intensifier Tube (IIT) from catastrophic failure.

The auto-gating option is designed to enhance the integrity of image (resolution & contrast wise) that the operator observes in dynamic lighting conditions, such as observing a vehicle with headlights on or entering an illuminated enclosure at night. Without auto-gating, the user would only see an image saturated with light green colour (similar to ‘flaring’ or ‘blooming’), an image without any detail. With auto-gating, even under dynamic lighting conditions… the perfect image. The included as standard ABC (Automatic Brightness Control) ensures the observed image isn’t over-exposed.

The MNV-S has an optional head mount complete with auto off / auto on flip up capability and is easy to operate.

Low battery indicator & IR-'on' indicator in viewfinder field-of-view.

Tube MTBF - 10,000hrs

The goggles are corrosion resistant ensuring long service-life in the field.

Water immersion 0.5m for 30 minutes –10m for 1 hour upgrade available.

Operating mode switch and battery compartment cover are easy to use even when operating in gloves.

Can be broken-down as to individual Night Vision Devices.

'Controlled/Restricted Supply ~ Strictly Australian State & Federal Gov't
Law Enforcement agencies only...  No Exemptions'

  • High resolution & high sensitivity
  • Ultra compact design 
  • Optional ‘safety photo sensor’ prevents accidental operation during daylight
  • Low battery indicator in eyepiece
  • IR illuminator 'on' in eyepiece
  • Available with 56 different image intensification/night vision tube options
  • Immersion 0.5m (30 minutes)
  • Up to 40hrs from 1x AA battery
  • Auto Brightness Control (ABC) and Flash Protection
  • Operates on 2x AA or CR123 battery
  • Shock resistance - 5G
  • Construction - corrosion resistant materials            
  • Optional Manual Gain                          
  • Dioptre adjustment                                              
  • Operating temperature -50°C - +55°C 
  • Weight 580gms
  • Covert surveillance
  • Special Ops
  • Special Forces 
  • Defence 
  • Law Enforcement         
  • Correctional Services 
  • Military 
  • Policing 
  • Customs

* Australian & New Zealand procurements - 

There are dispensations of origin Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires Australian Department of Defence (DECO) licencing (