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Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

Portable Rapid Deployment Observation Monitoring System

PROMS is a man portable and can be rapidly deployed within a few minutes.

Engineered to cater for all static and rural surveillance operations.

PROMS provides ultra long Surveillance Target Acquisition utilising its combination of day or night sensor technology.

PROMS provides much larger magnification than standard commercially available spotting scopes in service today. 

With its unique remote monitoring system, surveillance operators are able to monitor & record information observed from the target area well away from where the sensor platform is deployed. This allows operators to work in complete safety and allows the use of multiple observers without compromising the position of the sensor platform. 

PROMS system comprises of a fluorite lens 82mm OG waterproof telescope, lightweight dual tripod mounting with mechanical pan & tilt, digital colour low light CCD waterproof video camera, night vision image intensified module (optional), 6.4 inch TFT rugged waterproof monitor complete with sunshade, fabric cover for scope and mount, rechargeable battery, all contained in protective portable carry case, black or camouflage fabric. All cabling included up to 90m.


  • Colour video display up to 711x magnification
  • Optional Night Vision Image Intensified video up to 519x magnification
  • Optional naked eye Night Vision Image Intensified observation up to 253x magnification


  • Able to monitor and record target information away from sensor platform
  • Rapid deployable - man portable (20kg approx.)
  • Long Range High Magnification
  • All equipment is self contained with it's own webbing back pack
  • Provides Extra Security & Stand Off for Operators

Night Vision - PROMS


Simply find a location, set up the scope and tripod, connect the battery & monitor and images will be relayed in live video to the waterproof LCD monitor base station up to 90 meters away.

Use the coarse adjustment along with the finders scope to get close, then target precisely using the fine vertical and horizontal knobs. Further zooming or extra magnification is then available.

Available with microwave transmission as an option for the LCD monitor / sensor platform with distances of up to 1KM (line of sight) and fibre optic transmission over several kilometres if required.

Sensor platform quick release from low profile tripod and attaches to any full size tripod with world standard 1/4" UNC thread while maintaining full use of the special coarse/ fine pan & tilt head.


  • Fluorite lens 82mm OG waterproof telescope system.
  • Ultra lightweight and rigid low profile tripod mounting with coarse and fine vernier pan/tilt control.
  • Digital high resolution waterproof colour low light CCD video camera.
  • 4 x 20 Finder Scope mounted on Picatinny rail
  • High resolution 6.4. TFT rugged waterproof monitor with sunshade.
  • Camouflage cover for telescope and mount (black cover also available).
  • Camouflage DPM protective case for all equipment and permanent installation of rechargeable 12v battery and monitor station. (Black case option also available).
  • Flexible cable from telescope to control station 10 metres and 90 metres.(interconnecting 10 and 80m cable).
  • Man portable, weighs 20Kg approx.


  • Digital colour high resolution low light
  • 1/3" CCD detector
  • 0.2 LUX
  • > 480 TV lines
  • 768 x 494 effective pixels
  • PAL output


- Rechargeable built-in 12v battery. 

- Battery charger provided & system can be powered from external 12v DC supply. 

- Useable charge 8-10 hours depending upon temperature and equipment used. 

- Additional built in battery capacity available.


Image Intensified Night Scope Optional Module 
NIM Night Intensification Module using  XD-4 or XR5 image intensifier tubes. 

Microwave and Fibre Optic Links 
Available to special order 

Electronic Image Stabilisation Unit


This footage is supplied to assist you in obtaining an overview of what is achievable with the kit. It doesn't represent the kit's full capabilities.

* Australian & New Zealand procurements - 
There are dispensations of UK Ministry of Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licencing ( and UK Ministry of Defence permissions.