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Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

Portable Rapid Deployment Observation Monitoring System

PROMS is a man portable and can be rapidly deployed within a few minutes.

Engineered to cater for all static and rural surveillance operations.

PROMS provides ultra long Surveillance Target Acquisition utilising its combination of day or night sensor technology.

PROMS provides much larger magnification than standard commercially available spotting scopes in service today.

With its unique remote monitoring system, surveillance operators are able to monitor & record information observed from the target area well away from where the sensor platform is deployed. This allows operators to work in complete safety and allows the use of multiple observers without compromising the position of the sensor platform.

PROMS system comprises of a fluorite lens 82mm OG waterproof telescope, lightweight dual tripod mounting with mechanical pan & tilt, digital colour low light CCD waterproof video camera, night vision image intensified module (optional), 6.4 inch TFT rugged waterproof monitor complete with sunshade, fabric cover for scope and mount, rechargeable battery, all contained in protective portable carry case, black or camouflage fabric. All cabling included up to 90m.

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