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Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

TIU 2 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Ultimate in Day/Night Detection

Totally Light Level independent 
CCTV system compatible 
Various objective lens options 
Thermal band 8-14 microns 
VMD compatible 
Fully Waterproof

  • Uncooled thermal engine
  • Easy installation
  • Remote focusing facility
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary installations
  • Compatible with all CCTV systems via BNC out
  • IP66 rated housing complete with heater and  
    plate for pan/tilt connection
  • Thermal camera designed specifically for the law 
    enforcement/security market

TIU2 is a thermal CCTV camera which functions as any CCTV camera but operates in the thermal band. Compatible with existing and new CCTV control systems, TIU 2 represents the ultimate in day night CCTV detection.

Control box with gain, level, focus & polarity. 

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  • Gain automatic/selectable.
  • Uncooled 320x240 detector.
  • Hybrid ferroelectric staring focal plane array detector.
  • 8 - 14 micron spectral wave band.
  • 12 volt DC input.
  • VMD compatible.
  • Environmentally protected IP66 (sensor only)
  • NETD .08 degrees C.
  • Polarity control black/white hot.
  • PAL composite video output

TIU2 150 is a low-cost high-quality thermal camera operating in the 8 to 14 micron wave band for security applications during day and night. Image resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and horizontal angle of view of 6 degrees mean that the TIU can detect a person up to 1.3 km away 24 hours a day in conditions of reduced visibility due to rain, mist (dependent on water particle size) or smoke. 

TIU can also be used in fire prevention by detecting heat build-up (hot spots) and creating an early warning through alarms. TIU2 is a fully enclosed camera head and housing for integration into any new or existing surveillance system.

TIU2 25 
25mmF1 Germanium lens 
Angle of view 36 degrees 
Minimum focus 1m 
Focus motorised

TIU2 75 
75mm F1 Germanium lens 
Angle of view 12 degrees 
Minimum focus 2m 
Focus motorised

TIU2 100 
100mm F1 Germanium lens 
Angle of view 9 degrees 
Minimum focus 4m 
Focus motorised

TIU2 150 
150mmF1 Germanium lens 
Angle of view 6 degrees 
Minimum focus 7m 
Focus motorised