Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists - supplying night vision, thermal imaging & specialised low light imaging kit to the Australian Government & Defence since 1990
Australia's oldest & most respected night vision & thermal imaging specialists

TRICAM 1500 Triple Sensor Camera

The world's first Three Sensor Day/Night Changeover Camera

Tricam 1500 combines three technologies (day time / low light / image intensified - night vision) to provide the optimum single sensor for the prevailing conditions.

Colour for day time surveillance offering high resolution detail and long range identification.

  • Low Light Monochrome
  • Image Intensified - Night Vision
  • Colour Imagery
  • Ready for installation
  • Composite PAL video output
  • Cost effective - employing only one lens
  • Lightweight Clear identification of persons at 3km's
  • Free standing or integrated with any CCTV system

Selection of infrared (IR) Enhanced Monochrome extends day use to dusk and dawn and Intensified Night Vision facilitates the darkest part of the night.

Sensor/camera selection is conducted with end-user input and the system is designed to be compatible with existing or new standard CCTV equipment.


12.5mm−1500mm including 2x extender 
f3.8-T3000 - auto iris 
Continuous zoom 
Focus 5m  to infinity

Colour: 480 TV lines 
Minimum illumination 0.2 lux 1/3" sensor

570 TV lines 
Minimum illumination 0.00015 lux 
1/2" sensor

Intensifier Camera 
570 TVL 
1/2" sensor 
5 optional tube performance levels


233 mm wide x 225 mm high x 650 mm long 


Tripod mount Standard ¼. UNC thread 
P/Tilt mount 4. pca

Waterproof To IP67 
Sealed anodised aluminium housing, epoxy painted

Power source: 12Vdc 
Connector: 14 way

* Australian & New Zealand procurements - 
There are dispensations of UK Ministry of Defence export restrictions for resident purchases by non-government end users ~ re-export from Australia requires both Australian Department of Defence licencing ( and UK Ministry of Defence permissions.